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[2022] Best Nike Shoes under 2000 for Men

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

We all know NIKE does not need an introduction. It's known for its timeless design and quality. And Nike always pushes Sports!

NIKE has made unlimited designs that have grabbed the attention of people and made it popular among other brands. The most striking thing about NIKE is that it never promotes the shoes; however, they always inspire the public about sports. High quality and long durability are the main reasons why people always buy them instead of other brands. They are globally responsible for their products and we can exchange with them while sitting in any corner of the world in the given exchange period.

It was difficult for me to find the 6 best Nike Shoes under 2000 because most of the shoes are above this range. The 6 best shoes I have chosen are mentioned below. And all these shoes vary by 50 or 100 rupees.

List of Best Nike Shoes under 2000

1. Adidas Men's Quickflow My reason for choosing this shoe is very clever and simple because while seeing this shoe it makes a different look from other shoes. Check Price


Talking about its design, it is navy blue and orange and has some highlights with blue color across its logo. NIKE wrote on its tip that it is amazing and gives a different look from others. Other colors too available.


The material in shoes is a mesh-type material. It is normally a good type of material in comparison with other materials. From the outside, it is plastic and cloth of good quality. It is a lace-up type of shoe. At the bottom of the shoe, the material is very hard and durable.


While wearing these shoes you can experience relaxation which makes it value for money. These shoes are perfectly suitable for sports and school or under casual clothes. The shoe weight is 300g.

Now let's go to the 2nd product in Nike shoes under 2000 list.

2. Adiscend M My reason for choosing this shoe is quite different because it gives a different type of comfort to the eyes and its color is just amazing. The two stripes on it give it an amazing look and the NIKE’s logo in green color makes it different from other shoes. Check Price


Talking about its design, I say that it is a better shoe than another look-wise. The colour combination chosen is satisfying and can be worn with any clothing.


The material used in it is especially for comfort and relaxation. The bottom material is white and has some zig-zag style foam. From the inside, the anus inside is very soft and provides a good feeling of comfort.


These shoes are lightweight and durable - Despite providing exceptional comfort, and flexibility, these shoes are very light. If you buy a pair of these shoes for specific sports, you will reap the benefits for a long time. Its weight is 750 g.

3. Boy's Revolution 2 Velcro Running The reason for choosing these shoes is mainly for those who love sports, gym and want trendy shoes Check Price


Basically, the shoes are white and the black logo is built on both sides respectively. The the bottom is fully built with hard material of white colour also and it gives a unique and materialistic look. On the upper side, the NIKE logo of white colour in a small square black band is looking awesome.


These are leather-type material shoes. From the inside, a cushion is used to give full comfort and relaxation. The bottom is made of hard plastic material known for its long life.


The bottom support is not slippery and can be used in the rainy seasons. NikeCourt Lite 2 is designed to cushion and support your feet during practice and play. Created specifically for hard courts, its unique outsole features 5 distinctive patterns. Each pattern is designed to visually outline 1 of the 5 basic movements.

4. Unisex-Child Downshifter 9 These shoes are specially made to wear under casual clothes. The reason behind choosing these shoes is a little different because the shoes are made without laces and are so easy to wear Check Price


The design of these shoes is overall different from all other shoes because of their colour combination and their look. NIKE’s logo in black colour made it different from other shoes in comparison with previous shoes. The bottom material of white colour gives it a unique shape and look.


It is a mesh type material or you can say cloth used to make these shoes. The bottom material looks hard and is made from tough rubber that enables the shoe an extra life. It is a casual shoe.


If you need shoes to wear on occasions or parties this will be the perfect shoe because of its attractiveness and unique design. It will enhance your personality to some extent. Its weight is very low then all other shoes on this list. It is just 150 g in weight.

5. Tanjun Racer Running Shoes Its look is the main reason behind selecting these shoes. It creates a different image in the mind and everybody wants to buy these shoes just after seeing them. Its price is 2000 rupees range and this is a value-for-money product Check Price


My most liked shoes in everything such as design, material, etc. Talking about its design, it is an amazing shoe. Its color combinations are lit and the green logo of NIKE is just killing. From the inside, the cushion is also light green. NIKE wrote on the upper side giving it a unique and gorgeous look.


It is a fabric material used and has a soft cotton band of black colour. It is a lace-up shoe that can be worn without socks. Underneath the black rubber is used and from the side, the material is a soft cushion and white.


Tanjun Racer is all about updated support and cushioning. Its lightweight and padded design help keep you moving as you push through your miles. Laces are plane not round. Its design is amazing and it can be worn under any casual clothes. The white rubber has a different view from other shoes and has a different look in comparison to all shoes. If you are looking for shoes for running and exercise. These shoes are the best and can even be worn under all types of clothes

6. Child Revolution 5 Fire Its look is the main reason for choosing this pair of shoes. It is one of the best shoes look-wise in this list of the 6 Best Nike Shoes under 2000. Its price is 1825 rupees in India. This is a value money product and I shall suggest you buy this pair of shoes as soon as possible. The material used in this shoe is better than all previous shoes. Check Price


This shoe from NIKE is one of the number one best shoes. The red-colored logo of NIKE looks great and NIKE written on its top enhances its beauty to some extent. Grey color canvas material is used and has many holes in the half body to deodorize the smell regularly.


Mostly canvas material is used to make shoes and the bottom material is very rigid which provides it with durability and long life. The interior is very comfortable and provides relaxation. It is a lace-up type shoe and has attractive laces.


NIKE Child Revolution 5 Fire are minimal in design and made of lightweight, single-layer mesh for revolutionary comfort and responsiveness. These shoes are functional because they have holes to deodorize the smell regularly from your feet. It has an extra hole for laces and a small hole between laces which does not lose the laces if they are once tied.


SO here are the Best Nike Shoes under 2000 you can buy in India.

We have tried to include the best ones so you can get the right one. So if you value our efforts please buy through the links given which may give is a small commission.

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DO you have any suggestions to add to the list, comment below and we will take a look?

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